The curious incident of the Celt in the Night-time . . .

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The curious incident of the Celt in the Night-time . . .

Postby Celt » Wed Aug 06, 2014 2:37 am

I thought it was time I came back and made this post as really you all deserve some truth as to why I basically just disappeared off the face of the Earth at the beginning of the year.

Firstly I will put to bed some rumours. My absence has nothing to do with any of the members here, or any "arguments" or "discussions" with any individuals at all. It had nothing to do with clone and me disagreeing over Daft Punk, or Fuzz's penguin obsession, or H_T's constant Bliebbering, or H_Ts Miley Cyrus Obsession, or H_T's conspiracy theories, or H_T's . . . well you get the point :lol:

Frankly i just found myself getting angry about things; not on here per se, but generally. The TV news pi$$ed me off, life pi$$ed me off, the spammers pi$$ed me off, and I was just getting more and more pi$$ed off with my digital existence as a whole. As many of you know I dumped Facebook a while ago because frankly it is nothing more than an information syphon to sell to the highest bidder nowadays with your privacy taking a back seat, and I just wanted to escape all the rest of the digital ties that bind us to the ether . . . so I did. I stopped visiting a lot of my regular haunts (of which XBit is the one where I was most senior). I stopped playing online games like the Flight Simulators and IVAO into which I have invested a lot of my time, and basically just let life be life without having to worry about anything outside my physical locality. In other worlds I went back and hid in the real world. I won;t go into the psychological reasoning for all of this but many of you who know me best can probably put 2 & 2 together and come pretty close to a fair answer.

It was also necessary . . . I think I hold the "high score" for blood presure at my doc's . . . and frankly the stress of life was going to kill me one way or another if I didn't make changes. I am a lot more chilled, although I still find myself rantling at the TV. I am not prepared to return at this juncture so will remain among the list of Moderators Emeritus for the time being. It took me a while to actually get round to posting this because I have to resist the temptation to look at all the old threads, or to look at the member slist and kill the spammers etc. etc. so I am going to disappear after I hit "Submit", pausing only to lock the thread for replies (although that won't stop the mods I am sure). Not that I don;t wna to know how you are all doing, but it'll just be a temptation to retun otherwise.

In the meantime keep on trucking guys. Many of you have been here longer than I have - was trying to recall when I first came along here - 2000 I think . . . so don't give up the community, and take care of yourselves.

You don't have to be a megalomaniac to moderate this forum . . . but it helps!
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Re: The curious incident of the Celt in the Night-time . . .

Postby Sauron_Daz » Sat Aug 16, 2014 7:23 am

Just look well after yourself. Good to see you're on the right track.
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