Do Quadro/FirePro cards have better workmanship & long life?

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Do Quadro/FirePro cards have better workmanship & long life?

Postby mavericko » Fri May 17, 2013 9:58 am

Well all know that we have to pay an arm and a leg to get a Quadro/FireGL card.
But then what do we get in return ?
Of course, we would get optimized drivers for better view-port performance, image quality and such.
But then, how good is the hardware when we think in terms of ?
1. PCB laminate material's tolerance towards temperature changes & bending
2. Quality of copper & other metals
3. Soldering, selection of solder material, its temperature tolerance, conductivity
4. Quality of VRMs & supporting microcontrollers
5. Quality of VRAM
6. Quality of capacitors used and such

In short, I would like to know, if we would get a card, whose components would work
collectively without any failure, for a long time (at least 10 years)

The word collectively is quite important, because
Good GPU + bad VRAM = bad card
Good GPU + broken BGA solder = bad card
Good GPU + any other bad component = once again bad card & so on..

Also my understanding is that the GPU chip may have automatic thermal shutdown & would be able to save itself at times,
but then, I feel that the rest of the components would any way take a lot of beating ,
by trying to support the power hungry monster at all times.

I also feel that it is high time, for GPUs to have slots, that would let us plug in the Laptop-form-factor VRAM modules!
At least this would give us some flexibility in replacing failed VRAM modules!
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